Garcinia Cambogia Premium – Review

gooseberryI was on my way towards the meditation room when I felt the trickle of sweat. I closed my eyes and tried to stay calm. I hate sweat. Still ever since I packed a lot of extra pounds, I am always sweating in every turn. I am finding it highly disturbing. I have to change clothes after a few hours just to keep feeling clean. The problem is that I am having a hard time concentrating on anything that I do because of the sweat.

More than the Sweat

Actually, it is not just the sweat that bothers me. I am also having a hard time moving. I used to dance. I am into street dancing and I loved it. However, I had to stop when I got married, had kids, and had to stay at home and do the household chores. The time that I have is spent meditating and I only have this time for meditation when the kids are sleeping.

In VainSweating-Woman

I have been trying to lose weight but I do not have the groove in my movements anymore. I call myself Ms. Piggy when no one else is around. I always loved looking at my reflection on the mirror whenever I dance. I tried to do it now but I simply hate what I saw. All of my movements look awkward. I miss my old self badly.

I tried to tell my husband about it but of course he told me that I look fine and I am still the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course I believe him but I miss how he would naughtily call me sexy or hot. It’s just not the same. Anyway, I would never believe him even if he calls me those because I know that I am not sexy or hot anymore.

Back to Now

That was about five months ago. Now, after taking Garcinia Cambogia Premium, I am back to the dance floor. Thankfully, I did not need to change my routine too much. I still do not have much time except on Saturday afternoons when my husband agreed to give me a “me” time. I can do anything in four hours. Naturally, I chose to spend it dancing. However, I only went back to dancing when I felt more confident about my weight.


I am mainly thankful for Garcinia Cambogia Premium. When I took it, I noticed the difference in a matter of weeks. I did not need to use a weighing scale just to check if I’m really lost weight or not. I needed to use a belt with my pants and shorts. My movements are becoming less and less awkward. I am starting to like the changes that I saw in the mirror. I started feeling sexy and hot. Finally, I am well on my way back to my own self.

images (1)I will always be thankful for Rochelle, my dancer who is a dance instructor. I thank her for introducing me to Garcinia Cambogia Premium. I remember that I tried hiding behind a booth in the mall when I saw her. We were tight competitors in just about anything back when we were in high school. Of course, she still saw me. The booth cannot cover my size at all. She approached me and I braced myself for being laughed at or being pitied for my appearance. Turned out, I did not have to. She told me that she used to weigh more than I did but Garcinia Cambogia Premium changed her life. I tried it and it changed my life too!


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